We worked together as a team!

It has been tangible her great implication and responsibility, which has resulted in a content of quality and original

Jan Van de Meerscche,
Director of the Belgium Tourist Office: Flanders and Brussels

Erasmus en Flandes

We found her an honest, hardworking, intelligent and trustworthy individual.

Rick Seniouw,

Coordinator of the Youth Marketing

This is Antwerp

It also provided our starting company with a professional look and feel, aiding in raising interest

Jan Rosseel, General Manager (more…)


One of her greatest virtues is her commitment that she shows in her activities, giving her best and her availability when it is required. In addition she is an excellent colleague for her flexibility and humanity.

Roberto López García, La Fábrica de Inventos Manager


La Fábrica de Inventos

Níobe was an incredible resource for our team and strove tirelessly to always better herself, her teammates and the quality of our project. Her design skills and work ethics are first class and I am positive we would not have been able to achieve the same level of quality as we did without her.

Sindre Säfvenbom
Red Cross EPS Project team mate (more…)

Sindre Säfvenbom