University Project: Red Cross Project

European Project Semester, February to June 2015

Team: Sindre Säfvenbom, Pedro Baptista, Annelies Jans, Nicholas Van Beylen

Improve the refilling: It needed to be faster and more effective.

Improve the usage: The new PrevKit needed to be user friendly, innovative and clean.

EPS Red Cross Concept
Creating the concept for the New PrevKit

We started with some research about the current PrevKit and setting our goals. Suddenly the walls of our office where full of post-its with ideas, sketches and opinions. We also had the opportunity to see how the PrevKit is used during a basketball match.

With all this information we started sketching our new and improved PrevKit

EPS Red Cross User Testing
User Testing, old PrevKit (Left) Vs new Prevkit (Right)

We showed the final concepts to our Stakeholder (Red Cross) and they picket the foldable concept.

We created a prototype with which we did a user testing. That way we could compare the old PrevKit and the new and see a general improvement.

EPS Red Cross Prototype

Our PrevKit includes categories for the different content. That makes easier and faster to find the required product. We also incorporated a LEGO solution that allows to place each box in its place. That way we could have more than one box ready and for refilling we can just change the boxes and refill all of them later.

EPS Red Cross Final PrevKit
Final model

The final model was improved with the feedback we got from our user testing. We also changed the LEGO solution to a mechanical snap fit.

The final result impressed our stakeholders who recognised that we surpass their expectations.

For us, this project meant a lot. We learned how to work in a multicultural team, set our own deadlines and work by our own. We also manage to translate the client wishes to real specifications.

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