University Project: Egg Box

University Project 2014

Redesigning a daily packaging.

When the teacher assigned our task I looked for a real challenge. That’s why the egg box showed me potential: it is a packaging that haven’t changed for almost 100 years, is cheap to produce and easy to use. However, it is almost impossible to create a good branding for the company who sells the eggs.

I set my goals: I wanted an efficient egg box, at least as simple, cheap and easy to use as the traditional one. But it shall improve its appearance and be completely different from the current ones in the market.

Current Egg box
Different egg box in the supermarket

“What if the box itself hold the eggs?” That thought made me think about a new packaging that is created with just a sheet of cardboard, not needing extra material or stickers. I tried different ways for holding an egg just with some cuts in a cardboard sheet.

Sketches and cardboard models
First sketches and models

The final concept is a simple but attractive egg box made of cardboard. People are astonished by its simplicity because it is made by only one sheet of cardboard with some cuts and bends. It can be easily adapted for other amounts of eggs, size or even other products. Moreover, it can be placed vertically or horizontally in the fridge, and even open if you want to show the content.

Egg Box
Egg Box final result

Nowadays, this egg box is exposed at the Science Museum of Valladolid and it has been showed in different invention exhibitions. People is always surprise and it is very eye catchy. It has appear in different newspapers, tv news and tv programs.

You can check the Newspaper and TV programs at About category, also you can find a Video in that category.