Lexus Design Award 2016

Participation in the Design Award, themed Anticipation. 1,232 works submitted from 73 countries.

The proposal for this Award was the project Shadeat (Shade-eat). It is a new way to plate up your dishes and make the others enjoy the meal even before eat it.

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The one who is serving the dish can play with the resultant silhouette and make it a piece of art. Furthermore, it can make the client wonder about the content of the mysterious Shadeat. You can surprise your guests or consumer with creative images that tell stories about the food itself or even spicy erotic silhouettes. Moreover, the client shall get use to expect something unexpected. Not just the food but also a surprise, because opening the Shadeat shall feel like opening a gift the day of Christmas. The Shadeat will make this an unforgettable experience that the costumer would love to repeat.