Contest VII Ideas Award “Seguimos Construyendo Valladolid” ACCESIT 2014

Team: Oscar Ortega and Susana Moreno

Create a new milestone for Valladolid city

If you have grown up at Valladolid, for sure you will feel identified with a peacock. At the biggest park of the city you can find dozens of these animals. Tourist always are surprise by the beauty of these animals, who walk in complete freedom inside the park.

We also noticed that some cities in Europe has a representative animal statue such as the Porcellino (Florence), the Wolf (Rome) or Puppy (Bilbao).

With all that information we decided to create seven peacocks which would be hidden in different places around the city. Those places are the most touristic places in Valladolid, so you can just follow the peacock route for seeing the most beautiful places in Valladolid.

Moreover, it is easy to create some merchandising with that peacock as the main character.

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