Contest Roca “Jump the Gap” 2012-2013 WINNER Ideas Meeting Point 2016

Contest Roca “Jump the Gap” 2012-2013 Edition

518 projects sent from 102 countries 

Creating a new compliment for the bathroom

First of all I started looking for what is annoying when I am at the bathroom. The answer was: checking the temperature of the water before having a shower. You get cold while waiting, you dirt your bathroom and you can waste a lot of water if you don’t check every few minutes.

I found out a materials called thermochromic, these materials change its colour depending on the temperature. They don’t need any kind of energy and the change is reversible, so it will go back to their original colour when they cool down.

Hexacromas shape
How the shape of the Hexacromas was created

I created a specific shape inspired in Escher modular drawings, that way the user can buy different amounts depending its needs. Also it allows the user to play with it creating their own patterns. If at some moment they are bored of the current design they can just take it out and change it. There are infinite possibilities!

Hexacromas in the shower
See the Hexacromas change its colour

Once we have place the Hexacromas we just need to look at them before the shower. Thanks to this material we can SEE if the water is already hot. We just need to check it has changed It colour. This way we save energy and time.

This project won the 3rd Award in the Ideas Meeting Point organised by the Caixa d’Enginyers in 2016. You can check it here: or in the Press apart:


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