Contest BoConcept Cool Cup WINNER 2013

International Cup Designer Competition 2013 Edition

15.144 designs from 57 countries

Creating the new graphic design for the 6 new cups for 2013 BoConcept catalogue

When I was brainstorming for this contest I always had something in mind: wanted to create a bound between the object and the user. I wanted to make sure that the user stops for a while a thinks: what am I drinking? How do I look drinking this? Some cups “Made you think”, other encourage to “Charge your batteries”.

Two different designs sent to the contest
“Charge your batteries” and “Made you think”

However, I found the inspiration for the “Gourmet” design while I was waiting at a coffee shop. I was drawing some sketches while having a tea, started to pay more attention to the flavour of that new tea than to the sketches. I wondered if other people noticed that wonderful fruity flavour. I saw the light: I want something that made people stop and enjoy the drink. I wanted to make them feel like a Gourmet for some minutes. Relax and enjoy.