Giving you a little of me

Looking for something special for a special person who loves animals? Just ask and we can do a new concept!

Do you want a unique collar for your pet? Maybe a perfect sized terrarium? contact me!

If you are more into plants, a indoor garden at home could be an awesome idea!

Sounds good?

Printable cat for coloring

Print it, color it, hang it. You decide the size! (more…)

3d Printed birds hair pin

Two little birdies made a nest on your hair! You can choose color! (more…)

3d Printed peacock penholder

Make his tail flourish by adding more pens! You can chose more color variations! (more…)

Computer screen sloth

A lazy sloth decided to rest on your screen! Bring some fun and color to the office. Made by order regarding the width of your screen and other colors! (more…)

3d join the dots bear mum and cub

3d version of join the dots! Get the threat through the pins and create the bear mom. (more…)

Pot holder

Floating tiny pots for your desk! (more…)