Ideas Meeting Point 2016

3th Award Ideas Meeting Point by the Caixa d’Enginyers

When I look for new concepts I think about the things that annoys me, and I am picky!

While I was waiting for the water in the shower to get hot… IDEA, why should I be checking the temperature with my hand? it should be an easier way!. And that is how this idea was born.

Example of use

Creating an adaptable shape that you can place like a puzzle, researching new and innovative materials and polishing the design was a challenge. The result is a triangular mat with thermocromatic material, which change its colour with the temperature. That way you will see when the water is hot! It is a modular design, which allows you to play with them creating different patterns and adapting it to your needs.

Example of use

This project was awarded in January 2016 with the 3th Award Ideas Meeting Point by the Caixa d’Enginyers. Have a look to the winners announcement! _K3A1424