BoConcept Cool Cup 2013

Winner of the International Cup Designer Competition 2013 Edition

Design is fun, is an interaction with the user, a history between them even I bound… A bound, that is what I wanted to create with my design.

I found the inspiration for the “Gourmet” design while I was waiting at a coffee shop. I was drawing some sketches while having a tea, and little by little I started to pay more attention to the flavour of that new tea than to the sketches. I wondered if other people had noticed that wonderful fruity flavour. And I saw the light: I wanted something that made people stop and enjoy the drink. I wanted to make them feel like a Gourmet for some minutes. Relax and enjoy that cup.

Gourmets guide

15.144 designs from 57 countries participated in the BoConcept Competition. Six of them became part of the collection of that year. People from all around the world could buy the cup from the 6 winners and I am proud to say that Gourmet is one of them.

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