Born at Valladolid, Spain

Eyes wide open, enjoying the small details of life, and that will never change

never change
There are things that define who you are


Degree in Product Design and Product Development Engineering

I always loved to create things… now I know how to do it. Design is like a game, it is a riddle you need to solve.


Winner of the BoConcept International Cup Designer Competition

Gourmet design will make you enjoy your drink and relax

Participation: V Design Award ILIONE

Participation: Roca Jump the Gap 2012-2013 edition

With this project Hexacromas and Cyan Duck projects were born


Accésit VII Ideas Award “Seguimos Construyendo Valladolid”

Look for the hidden peacocks

 Participation: Your Tube Award

Kill your bacteria!

Egg Box Project

Create an Egg Box with one cardboard sheet.

Internship at “La Fábrica de Inventos”

150 hours in which i learned how to treat a real client, deal with real projects and work hard. Good memories there.


European Project Semester at Antwerp, Red Cross Project.

Working in that project with my team was an awesome experience.

“Erasmus en Flandes” Correspondant at Antwerp

Not only showing the city, SHARING

“This is Antwerp” Collaborator

Incredible opportunities, I will never forget what I have seen

Participation: Lexus Design Award 2016


3rd Award Ideas Meeting Point

The Hexacromas opened the year with good news

Internship at SCORA, Belgium

Race against time to get everything ready for the Musikmesse, Frankfurt