We worked together as a team!

One of her greatest virtues is her commitment that she shows in her activities, giving her best and her availability when it is required. In addition she is an excellent colleague for her flexibility and humanity.

Roberto López García, La Fábrica de Inventos Manager


La Fábrica de Inventos

We found her an honest, hardworking, intelligent and trustworthy individual.

Rick Seniouw,

Coordinator of the Youth Marketing

This is Antwerp



Participating in contests is always fun! And when people recognise your talent is the best feedback that you are doing awesome things.

Ideas Meeting Point 2016

3th Award Ideas Meeting Point by the Caixa d’Enginyers


BoConcept Cool Cup 2013

Winner of the International Cup Designer Competition 2013 Edition


VII Ideas Award “Seguimos Construyendo Valladolid” 2014

Accesit by the CVE Valladolid


about niobe

Let me present myself

Where are my manners…

My name is Níobe, a multicultural energetic girl. A Spanish who lives in Belgium but enjoys exploring other cultures, food…

If I need to describe myself with a question it would be “why not?, is there any reason for not trying something new?”
I am a very enthusiastic person and I find in Design a way to share my energy. When I am working on a new concept my main goal is to make sure that the user will enjoy more the day a day.


Oh, do you have more questions? Don’t worry, just contact me!